Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow.


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Photography has long been an interest of mine. Although I got my first small camera in primary school, I did not become a professional photographer until a bit later in life. At first I only flirted with photography – my initial interest was in art and painting.


Later in my 30s, after working as a business service provider, I was drawn back to photography because I yearned for a portable art form. This is also when I started attending art school. Unlike painting or sculpture, I don’t need a studio and I can use my camera and digital darkroom wherever I like.


A picture of something striking isn’t necessarily beautiful in and of itself; beauty is evoked through how you compose the image and the emotion it ultimately conveys. One of the many things I like about photography is the crucial role of light. Hence I am always looking for places where the light is best.


I would sum up my approach to both people, and the photographs I take for/of them, as attentive, thoughtful and honest – always keeping in mind how the client ultimately wishes to use the images. My trademark wit and humour never lag too far behind. 


Born in Amsterdam and raised in a small village in the forest-rich surroundings of the Veluwe, I now happily divide my time between my tiny flat in Amsterdam and a pet-packed farmhouse in the Frisian lake district. 


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